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What do our clients say about Sponsorship on 89.9 TheLight?

“My client (A Charitable Organisation) engaged Light Melbourne for a two-week campaign. The radio was one of three communication channels planned for the fundraising campaign. The printer had problems and was delayed one week, leaving the radio campaign to run on its own for one whole week. In that week, the charity received a 1000% increase in web traffic and $10,000 in donations. This now proves that radio campaigns work and are invaluable not only as branding tools but to drive web traffic and donations. Thanks again for the work you are doing.”
Geoff, Fundraising Consultant

“Just a little note to say thank you for your help in publicising the Melbourne singers Festival. Results are now in and it was a great success with more than 300 singers taking part in 6 concerts across the long weekend. The audiences loved them. The School of Hard Knocks very much appreciates your support.”
Mike Cannon

“We have enjoyed a phenomenal increase in traffic by over 62%.”

“Could you please pass on my sincere thanks to the team for such great quality production of the myCSN radio adverts? I know Andy is a great guy, and his talents have really shone through! Also anyone else involved – say thanks from me! Thank you too for your great work in making it all happen.” 
Rob Evers, Care Support Network

“Wow – we so appreciate your generosity.”
Diane Spicer  Prison Network 

 “You give back to society You are awesome!”
Linda Shulz, Precious Media

“It is such a privilege and honor to be part of the trusted TheLight family, promoting my business and assisting the greater community. TheLight is professional and have exceptional customer support with a passion for the local community. Being able to provide customized business opportunities for big or small, you can’t go wrong by choosing Light FM for promoting your business and being part of the family.”
Linda Bezuidenhout, Cohen’s Weight Loss Clinic 

“They are so easy to work with, nothing was a problem, all my questions were promptly answered, everything ran smoothly on the day.”
Jodie,  Alphington Grammar School  

“Choosing to be a sponsor on Light FM has been the best business decision I ever made.   As a business starting out I needed a way for a broad range customers to hear about me and Light Fm seemed a fitting choice.  Since becoming a station sponsor I have gone from no customers to 2-3 enquiries a day.   I’m so busy I can barely keep up with demand! It really was the best decision I could have made to help my business grow.  I am so grateful for the service that was provided too and the following up that you do at TheLight to ensure everything is going along well.” 
Belinda Christie, Christie Migration

 “Excellent service, very prompt, friendly. Helped us get started super quick! The station does amazing things! I have been a listener for a long time and working with you just makes me like you more.Thank you! ” 
Jasmine,  Health Careers International

Budget advertise across several media mediums. I believe TheLight is an important mix in our marketing program. Reaching an audience that cannot be reached with our other media placements, it is important in the overall mix” -Paul Wheelton, Wheelton

“89.9 TheLight has been a key part of our growth strategy to encourage more families to attend our games. The positive, family friendly audience in Melbourne that are the TheLight listeners are a perfect fit for us at the Boomers, and really align with our brand and values. For any major sporting event wanting to get families attending I would highly recommend you get TheLight on your media plan.” – Christy Collier, General Manager, Deakin Melbourne Boomers

“Sponsorship of community radio delivers a return on investment with wise and responsible use of CBM Australia’s resources. For the past nine years, CBM Australia have been able to reach more people with a disability in the world’s poorest places, thanks to our partnership with 89.9 TheLight and Christian community radio stations across Australia.”- Mariska Meldrum, Campaign Manager, CBM

“As a Sales Intern at TheLight I experienced a sense of love for the community you rarely see these days. As a Deakin student, I have been able to read ample material in my studies, but one doesn’t often learn about companies like this in the textbooks. This a company that they should use for the ethical chapters. It should be used to show people that profits CAN be derived through good ethical practices and prove that responsible behaviour is not a sacrifice on the company’s part. You will not come across a company like TheLight that perceives their sponsors and listeners as the primary parties while only thinking of themselves as the third-party stakeholders. Even though my time at the station has ended, my relationship with them is only just beginning.” – Gandharva | Student Intern | Deakin University

Find out more about becoming a station sponsor on 89.9 TheLight by contacting our Business Development Team