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Using this time to reset: as a community | Lucy’s Blog

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Mar 24, 2020
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Hi Light Family.

Lucy here. 

Wow, huh. Just… wow. We are undoubtedly living in a time where there are no clear answers. It’s uncomfortable. I feel weird. Do you? That funny feeling in your tummy. It’s a time of anxiety for many. It’s inconvenient. Everything seems to change daily. It’s challenging and a little scary. And that’s okay. 

You all know me, I always try my best to be positive. And right now, in this scary season, I’m realising it’s okay to swing between those places of allowing myself to realise this is a little scary, and then also choosing to remain as positive as I can. 

I’m a firm believer in always trying to mine for the gold in situations out of our control. I HAVE to find a positive. It’s part of my make up, it’s how I function. I guess I need to make sense of this mess, and so one of the things I have been thinking about is how we can use this time to reset our attitudes. How can we use this time to reset the way we approach life? Our family? Our community? Our church? Ourselves?

A friend of mine, who is the wife of a Pastor of a large church here in Melbourne, posted an instagram poll asking people whether they were slightly relieved they needed to slow down and cancel all extra activities during this times. The response was unanimous. People WERE relieved to slow down. I found that fascinating. I felt the same. 

That got me thinking. This time can be a chance for rest. These shutdowns, and for many of us who are working from home, it can be an opportunity to reset.

I have a whole bunch of thoughts about how we reset some those important things. Things like Family, Community, and Church. It’s going to take a few blogs to work through, but let’s start with this : community. 

I’m a member of a few Facebook groups which are based around ‘community’ and ‘acts of kindness’ during this crisis. Each day there are stories of people behaving SO beautifully. I often find myself tearing up at the stories, Like this one : 

Jackie wrote : “I put notes in my elderly neighbours letterboxes urging them to let me know if they need anything. I heard a quiet knock on the door yesterday & it was one of them asking for toilet paper. I gave him some rolls & 5 minutes later he returned with a pot of honey from his own bees.” 

Such simple, beautiful, important stories. Seeing community rise up at this time is nothing short of inspiring and amazing. It’s HOW community should have ALWAYS been. This is reset for us to remember, after this is all said and done, we MUST be kinder as a community. We must be more connected. We must look out for everyone. We must serve each other. 

Watching the world (as a whole) rise up to protect the elderly during this is wonderful. And equally heartbreaking that it took this pandemic for us to realise how wrong we all had it. But… better later than never. 

My prayer is, that when this is all over, we do not lose this new connection we have as humans as a community. Perhaps this is a giant wake up call to us all. 

Lucy x 

P.S Let me know your thoughts on this by shooting an email to breakfast@lightfm.com.au or heading to our facebook page!

P.P.S The amazing facebook groups I mentioned can be found here:

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