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In ‘Community’ Conversation with Clayton

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Each Sunday night at 7pm on 89.9 TheLight,  In Community Conversation with Clayton has special guests lined up.  As the interviews are live,  Clayton will be taking your calls  directly.  The guests are experts in the field of COVID-19, mental health, theology and much more.  We would love to extend our conversations out to our community by offering the opportunity for you to ask your questions directly to our guests by phoning in during the program. 


Professor Brett Sutton – Victorian Chief Health Officer- Listen now!

Sunday 28 June | Professor Brett Sutton– Professor Brett Sutton is Victoria’s Chief Health Officer. Clayton spoke with Professor Sutton regarding his role has Victorian Chief Health Officer- how he interacts with the Premier and public, as well as the personal impact of the role. Professor Sutton spent the full hour answering listener questions. Listen below!

Sunday 9th August- Upcoming guests

Sunday 9 August | Caroline Dehn– Soft Space Productions

Caroline has just produced the series: TALK SOON and will speak about what it means to be a Christian writing/making films that stand on Biblical values without being overtly “Christian”. As well as producing the series, Caroline wrote, acted, filmed and edited the series, in partnership with an actor in England. 

Sunday 9 August | Mike GoreCEO of Open Doors Australia and NZ

Over the last few months, Churches across Australia have been forced to lock their doors, creating many risks for the Church-going communities. Mike argues that this pandemic may be exactly what the Australian Church needs to bring us back into the battleground of a personal connection.

Sunday 9 August | Tom Lobbe – Tom Talks

Mental health ambassador & public speaker Tom Lobbe is a man on a mission and his story quite remarkable. Having spoken at many major events and the winner multiple awards; Tom has become a much sought after keynote speaker within Melbourne and beyond. Tom speaks to Clayton about overcoming his mental health battles and how to cope with mental health through these difficult COVID times we are living through at the moment.

Sunday 2nd August- In Case You Missed It

Sunday 2 August | Dr Louise Mahler– Executive Coach, Key Note Speaker & Trainer.

Dr Louise Mahler chatted to Clayton about Body Language, specifically during zoom calls. She is a leadership speaker whose informative, practical and actionable keynote, as well as the way she engages with humour, makes her very much a motivational leadership speaker amongst the best motivational leadership speakers in her area in Australia, if not globally. Listen to the full interview below!

Sunday 2 August | Brett Ryan– Focus on the Family Australia

Brett Ryan, CEO of Focus on the Family Australia, joins Clayton to talk about ideas and resources to get you and your family through the COVID lockdown, discussing topics around Relationship Building during this time, how to help your kids to understand/things that they should focus on during this time and ideas to keep yourself sane and progressing during this time. Listen to the full interview below!

Sunday 26th July- In case you missed it

Sunday 26 July | Dr Rob Loe – Executive Officer, Christian Schools Australia

Dr Rob is currently working for Christian Schools Australia, but before leaving the UK he was the Director of the Relational Schools Foundation. He researches, writes and speaks on the importance of fostering positive relationships between key stakeholders in schools.

Rob spoke to Clayton about doing school from home and his incredible journey of covid out here in Australia. Listen to the full interview below!

Sunday 26 July | Krysta Kors – Psychologist & counsellor

Returning guest, Krysta Kors is a registered Psychologist, with additional qualification in Counselling. 

Krysta spoke about supporting the family in isolation and managing mental health. Listen to the full interview below!

Sunday 26 July | Michael Rojales – Pastor

Michael and his wife, Rachel, contracted the Coronavirus and went to hospital. After going into a coma, Michael survived the virus, however his journey of recovery continues. Rachel also survived. Michael tells his story of survival, his faith and the impact of COVID-19. Listen to the full interview below!



Sunday 19th July- BEST OF In Conversation with Clayton

Sunday 19 July | BEST OF- Karl Faase – Jesus the Game Changer 2

This week we hear from scholars and experts from around the world about how Jesus truly was the ultimate game changer.


Sunday 12th July – In Case you missed it 

Sunday 12 July | BEST OF- Trish Porter Topmiller – US Olympian: High Jump

A women who showed courage as an Olympic athlete, but nothing like when she lost a husband and son tragically. She also shares about a millionaire dad who originally wouldn’t have a bar of faith belief. Listen to the full interview below!

Sunday 12 July | BEST OF- Investigator V – International Justice Mission

Working for the International Justice Mission… “Investigator V” spends years building cases against slave traffickers to enable governments around the world to provide true justice to those without a voice. Listen to the full interview below!

Sunday 5th July – In Case you missed it  

Sunday 5 July | Sheridan Voysey – Author,  Speaker, Broadcaster–  Spoke about: How is God working through Covid 19 around the world, particularly in the UK?

Sheridan is the author of 7 books, including The Making of Us: Who We Can Become When Life Doesn’t Go as Planned. He is a presenter of Pause for Thought on BBC Radio 2 and a regular contributor to other media. Listen to the full interview below

Sunday 5 July | Michelle Funder – President of the Osteopathy Australia Board– Michelle provided tips on dealing with pain and avoiding injury as people start heading back to their normal routines.

Michelle is an Osteopath and Clinical Pilates teacher based in Melbourne. Michelles career highlights include working with Serena Williams during he 2013 & 2015 Australian Open campaigns. Listen to the full interview below

Sunday 5 July | Ziggy- 3P Corp– Ziggy returned to chat to Clayton now that we are further through the COVID crisis to talk about finances including accessing Super, JobKeeper and End of Financial Year. Listen to the full interview below!

Sunday 28th June – In Case you missed it  

Sunday 28 June | Dr Tari Turner– Dr Tari Turner is a Senior Research Fellow at Cochrane Australia and one of the team in the National Taskforce on Covid 19 to evaluate the best research in treating patients.  Her and the taskforce help set the procedures for how we deal with COVID-19 patients around the country.

Listen to the full interview below

Sunday 28 June | Pastor Rob Buckingham– Pastor Rob Buckingham is the Senior Pastor of Bayside Church and he answered questions on prayer, especially during COVID-19. Listen to the full interview below:

Sunday 21st June – In case you missed it    

Sunday 21 June | Nic Mackay– Author of Faith, Death and Pills, social entrepreneur and the co-founder and former board Chair of Common Grace. Being the start of Men’s Heath Week, Nic spoke about increasing the understanding of and support men’s mental health, particularly within the Christian Community. Listen below to the full interview

Sunday 21 June | Gary Bertwistle– Gary is the author of 6 books, including the best seller “Who Stole My Mojo?” and “The Vibe”. He spoke about how to set small goals to make big change in the midst of the pandemic. He also spoke about how to create innovation as a community and individuals out of the pandemic and about the key learnings we have from politics/organisations/behaviour that has been noted during the pandemic. Listen to the full interview below

Sunday 14th June – In case you missed it  

Clayton spoke with someone who has been blessed by the Brotherhood of St. Laurence’s program and she’ll be explaining how this has impacted her life. Clayton also spoke about the Black Lives Matters movement and what this means for us in Australia. Listen to both interviews below!

Sunday 7th June – In case you missed it 

Sunday 7 June | Professor John Lennox– World renowned biblical scholar, as well as scientist and philosopher, Professor John Lennox, in his latest book offers a Christian perspective on humanity’s future, the problems raised by AI and the atheist conception of what it means to be human. Listen to his interview with Clayton below!

Sunday 7 June | Liz Perry – TeenStreet – Liz is a speaker at TeenStreet Conference and a nurse who served in Italy at the COVID Epicentre. 

TeenStreet Conference, a 4 day Christian youth event has refused to succumb to the list of COVID cancellations, by moving their conference to a high tech online platform, nationwide event.

Sunday 7 June | Tim Harris – Author of “Tiny Habits” – Tim is the bestselling author of several laugh-out-loud series for kids, including Toffle Towers and Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables. He spoke about how to reset boundaries around screen usage and giving us tips for reducing this as we slowly return to “normal”.

Listen to both interviews with Liz Perry & Tim Harris below:

Sunday 31st May – In case you missed it 

Sunday 31 May | – Dr Paul Beaver, Founder 3P Healthcare Pty Ltd and Co-founder Fitgenes Australia Pty Ltd-Working in New Zealand, New York, UK & Australia to develop a new method to identify individuals that may be susceptible to severe responses to Coronavirus. He spoke about scientific facts about faith & its health benefits. Listen below!


Sunday 31 May | – Leah Kaminsky, Physician & Author-Joined Clayton and asked the question ‘What happens when the lines between science & politics is blurred too far?’. Listen to the interview below:














Sunday 24th May – In case you missed it

Sunday 24 May |  Scott Miller, CEO of Volunteering Victoria- Scott chatted to Clayton about volunteers to celebrate National Volunteer Week. 


Sunday 24 May |  Tim Wiebusch, COO of SES-
To celebrate National Volunteer Week, Clayton spoke with Tim Wiebusch, discussing the volunteers who are the backbone of the SES.

Clayton then spoke to some volunteers of 89.9 TheLight and the work they do. Listen to the first hour of In Community Conversation below

Sunday 24 May |  Evan Englezos from Digital Team Coach- Evan joined Clayton and spoke about Digital Church in light of the COVID-19 lockdowns. He spoke about ‘Learning for thriving churches & how to pivot into a new world’. 


Sunday 24 May | Steve Fogg, Marketing Social Communications PR- Steve joined Clayton and chatted about how he has been running digital churches for many years now. Listen to the second hour of In Communication Conversation with Clayton below!







Sunday 17th May – In case you missed it 

Sunday 17 May 7pm – 8pm |  Colin Buchanan from Compassion- Colin Buchanan and Compassion Australia have teamed up to create free online kids’ resources for families and churches facing restrictions on gatherings due to the coronavirus.

Sunday 17 May 8pm – 9pm | Tim Costello from Micah- Host of the ‘Hope in Crisis’ podcast, Tim Costello speaks to friends around the world about finding hope and faith during the most challenging of seasons.



Sunday 10th May – In case you missed it

Sunday 10 May 7pm – 8pm | Mother’s Day Special

Sunday 10 May 8pm – 9pm | Richard Beaumont from Entrust, and  Graham Strong, World Vision Acting CEO











Sunday 3rd May – In case you missed it

Sunday 3 May 7pm – 8pm | RETURNING GUEST – Dr Rob Grenfell joined CSIRO in June 2016 as the Health Director of the Health and Biosecurity Business Unit. Rob was previously the National Medical Director of Bupa Australia and New Zealand. 

Sunday 3 May 8pm- 9pm  | Krysta Kors is a registered Psychologist, with additional qualifications in Counselling. She has more than 15 years experience in the field of mental health, and works with adolescents and adults. 


Sunday 26th April – In case you missed it

Sunday 26 April | Samantha Brett – gave tips for starting your side hustle that you can do from home. Co author of the “The Juggle”, is a news reporter and bestselling author of six books. Samantha began her journalism career in New York as an intern at the Fox News Channel, before returning to Sydney to write Australia’s number-one lifestyle column for six years. Listen to part 1 – 2 below:

Sunday 26 April | Kate Simpson – Author of “Anzac Girl – The War Diaries of Alice Ross-King”. Kate is a picture book author, podcast host and incurable bookworm. She loves books about girls who march to the beat of their own drum and about women who change the world. Listen to parts 1-4 below:

Sunday 26 April | Ross Piper CEO of Christian Super. Ross spoke on how our listeners can honour God with their finance in these uncertain times. Listen to parts 1-3 below:




In case you missed it

Sunday 19 April: Lea Waters – spoke on ‘Finding the silver linings: How families can stay positive during the COVID-19 crisis’. How to maintain connections with loved ones during social distancing. The supreme importance of good communication; how to communicate about current affairs to your children.

Lea’s book “Strength Switch” can be found here

Sunday 19 April: Brett and Kate Ryan – spoke on Quarantine – Growing closer to your spouse.

Sunday 12 April: A special Easter Sunday interview, Clay chatted with the greatest guest in history, Jesus! 

Sunday 12 April: Frida Umuhoza – Spoke on dark horrors of the genocide, the moments of hope, her journey of salvation, healing and transformation through forgiveness.

A link to her book ‘Frida: Chosen to die, destined to live’ can be found here 

Sunday 5 April:  Pastor Dale Stephenson – Spoke on ‘Why Does God Allow this to Happen’?

Sunday 5th April:  Paul McIntyre Spoke on ‘Caring for the elderly relatives in times of social distancing and things to do at home to help with loneliness, and prevent premature ageing.’

Sunday 29 March:  Dr Rob Grenfell – an expert epidemiologist, who is the Director of the Health and Biosecurity Unit at the CSIRO. 

Sunday 29 March:  Dr Rebecca English is a Lecturer in Education at Queensland University of Technology. 

Sunday 22 March : Lisa McInnes Smith – a world renowned speaker who specialises in the psychology of mastering our emotions and actions was our guest speaker last Sunday night.  Lisa spoke about staying calm during a crisis and how to help manage kids emotions.

 Sunday 22 March : Ziggy from 3P Corp also joined Clayton to talk about managing your money in times of financial crisis and uncertainty on last Sunday. 


Our other positive responses to the pandemic: